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Linux kernel bot tests

This purpose of this wiki is to document ongoing and existing testing which target the Linux kernel. If a bot testing project has its own page we provide references to their page, otherwise this wiki is used as the home for documenting such efforts. These pages will also document whether or not these bots send out reports, who runs the reports / scripts/ who sends the reports or fixes, and how often. Sometimes projects do not specify these things but its important maintainers and develoeprs are aware of how things were intended to be used.


These are the scripted tests in place upstream on the Linux kernel under the 'kselftest' target of the top level Makefile. The tests are in place under tools/testing/selftests. This project has its own dedicated wiki kselftest.


These are the semantic tests in place in the kernel under the 'coccicheck' target of the top level Makefile. For more details refer to the coccicheck page.

Zero Day Test

The Linux Zero Day tests are tests.


A series of performance-related test run against the Linux kernel. Refer to Marvin for more details.

Xen tests

These are the tests used to help test ongoing Xen development both on Linux and the Hypervisor when used on Linux. TBD.


Needs to be writtten.

A distributed farm of real and emulated hardware, focused on build, boot, and testing of upstream kernels. For more information, please visit the following links: | wiki | api

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