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Linux kernel bot tests

This purpose of this wiki is to document ongoing and existing testing which target the Linux kernel. If a bot testing project has its own page we provide references to their page, otherwise this wiki is used as the home for documenting such efforts.


These are the scripted tests in place upstream on the Linux kernel under the 'kselftest' target of the top level Makefile. The tests are in place under tools/testing/selftests. This project has its own dedicated wiki:


These are the semantic tests in place in the kernel under the 'coccicheck' target of the top level Makefile. For more details refer to the coccicheck page.

Zero Day Test

The Linux Zero Day tests are tests.


A series of performance-related test run against the Linux kernel. These tests are used by the SUSE performance team to continually test the Linux kernel for performance. See Mel Gorman's blog announcing it. There are 4 components to 'Marvin':

  • Bob - builder that monitors git trees for new kernels to test, builds the kernel when it's released and schedules it to be tested
  • Marvin - runs on the server and one instance exists per test machine. It checks the queue, prepares the test machine and executes tests when the machine is ready.
  • Configuration Manager: responsible for reserving machines for exclusive use, managing power, managing serial consoles and deploying distributions automatically.

The inventory management does not have a specific name as it's different depending on where Marvin is setup.

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